Thursday, 11 September 2014

Campus interviews play a key role in shaping up a student’s career while he/she is still in college. It helps you with the opportunities to get desired jobs and also builds your confidence to face future challenges by giving you the right exposure. Following few points’ help you succeed in interviews conducted as campus interviews.

Focus on your profile:

Spend time on your resume quality, as well as the profile in the placement brochure and on your college website. Create multiple versions of your CV for different roles that you are interested in.

Get comments on it from friends, both students and working professionals. Get written references and recommendations from previous employers if you have prior work experience. Review your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to put relevant content. Do enough practice of group discussion and written test?

Detailed Analysis:

Understand the placement committee rules for your batch and analyze how these affect your choices. Understand the job profile and details of job description thoroughly before submitting a resume.

Do a detailed research on the firm that has advertised and check the hiring record for previous years, and the type of interviews it conducts. Check the website and related news articles. Reach out to the employees of the company who were hired the previous year. Attend its pre-placement talk on your campus and ask questions to clarify your doubts.

Your Appearance:

Dress formally for interviews, maintain eye contact and greet the interviewer with a smile when you enter the room and you are sure to succeed.

Sell like a salesman:

The best prepared answers will get you nowhere if you are unable to present them well. The first step to good communication is to learn how to listen and speak with confidence.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Offboarding process is the key process in HR function and should be carefully designed and followed.

In the Exit interview be good to resigned employee and understand clearly why they are leaving and offer them option of coming back if they want. They may come back to you after trying other organization which will be a win-win situation for both employee and organization.  Put extra effort to make offboarding experience wonderful.

It is very important to keep employees engaged till the last working day. The employee after resignation should not feel ignored or not being given attention. Ensure that a warm farewell is given and key team members speak about him or her covering his strengths and bond shared between them as colleague or friends.

Employees who have left your organization can be your advertisers. If they were happy in your company they will be your free advertisers and will talk good about your company. However if they went dissatisfied due to any reason they will talk bad about your company and discourage their friends etc wanting to join. Ex Employees can help you with referral candidates and will help sell your organization strengths to people wanting to join your company.

One of the important aspects is to take feedback about offboarding process from the employee and to fine tune the process with the feedback taken.

Clarity on salary release, PF, Gratutity and experience certificate etc should be clearly communicated and all contacts shared for follow up etc.

All these factors will act as employee delight and will help your organization.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Are you looking to change your job then please recheck your social media details as the recruiters are closely watching your profile.

Social media recruiting is moving at a great speed. As per the recent studies employers have rejected the candidates based on few findings on social network.

Social media is being used in many ways. It helps recruiters get a clear idea of who you are and what you have done before they even talk with you. They also pick up clues about your personality and how you might fit into their corporate culture.

If you are looking for a job please check the followings:

•    Privacy settings: Please set privacy setting for the content that you do not want others to see.
•    Ensure that no one posts anything unprofessional about you at your personal profile. If you find something like that, pl get that cleaned or ensure it is not visible to strangers.
•    Be conscious on what you post or tweet as it should not reflect your bad habits or any non ethical work habits.
•    Your profile pictures and cover pictures should look professional .

Social media consists of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Blogs etc.

LinkedIn, the professional’s social network is the most   preferred by most employers. LinkedIn is a large professional network where members connect with each other, participate in Groups, connect, and interact with each others.

So go ahead and use social media to find the right job for you.

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Senior Ruby on Rails Professional (Ahmadabad, India)

Who we're looking for: 

We want someone very comfortable with Ruby on Rails.

You should have: 

  • Strong experience with Ruby on Rails. 
  • Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant databases.
  • Experience programming in object-oriented JavaScript.
  • As a guideline, we expect you have experience working on JavaScript/HTML/CSS ("AJAX") web applications.
  • A feel for good design -- both in terms of engineering and user experience.
  • Very strong practical knowledge of relevant W3C standards (XHTML, DOM, CSS).
  • Demonstrated expert-level knowledge in overcoming cross-browser compatibility problems in JavaScript and CSS.
  • Understanding of semantic coding and why it's important.
  • Tolerance for the overhead of rapidly iterating toward greater usability. Insistence on complete/frozen specifications just won't work here.

And some nice-to-haves: 

  • Experience with memcached
  • Working knowledge of J Query and Prototype
  • Handy with Reg Ex
  • Working knowledge of Open social or Facebook API

Industry Work Experience: 

Over 4 years of experience in ROR development, focusing on designing and implementing web applications. Experience working with a multinational company is highly desired.

Personal Qualities:  

Must be a great team player with a positive attitude, highly organized and needs to take responsibility for user satisfaction with deliverable and possess an impeccable work ethic.  A great sense of humor and professional pride will be a significant asset.  We have a large ego as an organization but not as individuals, and expect all team members to work together without counterproductive internal competition.

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